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EOSC Enhance is a 24-month project funded by the European Commission and tasked with progressing the vision for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It kicked off in December 2019 and runs until November 2021.

As a trusted virtual environment enabling the data-driven, cross-disciplinary Open Science which holds the key to advances in research and innovation, EOSC will offer some 1.7 million European researchers and 70 million professionals in science, technology, and the humanities and social sciences a single access point to data services spanning the full data life cycle. This will be achieved by federating existing research infrastructures currently dispersed across disciplines and states.

During the lifetime of EOSC Enhance, project partners developed and improved the functionality of the EOSC Portal, further augmenting the catalogue of services assembled to date, and connecting independent, thematic data clouds for the benefit of users and service providers across Europe. 

These objectives are achieved via wide-ranging stakeholder consultation and in close collaboration with the EOSC Governance. Users, service providers and existing EOSC-related projects played an active role in the co-design of the portal specifications.

With a laser focus on facilitating the interoperability and discoverability of services and resources across scientific disciplines, we have applied the emerging EOSC Rules of Participation, using specifications, guidelines, tools, and APIs to link service and resource providers.