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OpenAIRE and European University of Technology Collaboration


OpenAIRE and EUt+ teams will collaborate to capture and display in a unique, new EUt+ alliancebranded web space selected locally-held institutional and project-based open access content of common interest, improving its discoverability, aggregating work from all partners and showcasing the developing synergies and connections across this European University Network.

OpenAIRE will offer a CONNECT gateway ( as a single entry-point to all research outputs of EUt+. EUt+ will ensure, with the support of OpenAIRE, its repositories are compliant to the OpenAIRE guidelines ( so that their outputs are available in the gateway and counting statistics to measure the uptake of Open Science practices (e.g. Open Access, use of identifiers, links between publications and datasets).

In addition, EUt+ repositories will have the possibility to use other services for Open Science offered by OpenAIRE via the Content Provider Dashboard (, such as the service for counting views and downloads ( to measure the uptake of Open Science, or other stand alone services such as Argos DMP (

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