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EUA webinar series: The future of scholarly communication (I)

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22 May 2024 @ 03:00pm @ 04:30pm

This webinar will focus on universal and perpetual Open Access to scholarly outputs, in a just scholarly publishing ecosystem*, the first priority of the EUA Open Science Agenda 2025.

During the webinar, participants will be invited to discuss challenges, needs and expectations in the transition towards a just scholarly publishing ecosystem. This will include discussing a recent proposal by cOAlition S, Towards Responsible Publishing. This proposal identifies key challenges of dominant publishing models and proposes a vision for a community-based scholarly communication system fit for Open Science in the 21st century. A set of principles is proposed to develop this community-based scholarly communication system. Discussing this proposal will prompt a broader discussion on the future of scholarly communication, from the perspective of universities.


  • Otto Doblhoff-Dier, Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna; Steering Board Member, Open Science Austria
  • Anna Lunden, Director, Department of Collaboration, National Library of Sweden
  • Johan Roorijck, Executive Director, cOAlition S

Moderator: Eloy Rodrigues, Director of the Libraries, University of Minho

This webinar will be of interest to university and library leadership, leaders in scholarly communication and publishing and anyone else interested in innovative models and practices.


This is the first event in a new EUA webinar series ‘The future of scholarly communication’, which follows the 2021 webinar series on the future of scholarly publishing. The series will address the rapid technological advancements and evolving scholarly practices which are reshaping the future of scholarly communication.

As detailed in the EUA Open Science Agenda 2025, the scholarly ecosystem is indeed moving at an unprecedented pace. The sheer volume of scholarly publications continues to rise exponentially, making it increasingly challenging for researchers to keep abreast of new developments in their fields. While a growing number of publications are openly accessible through various models such as diamond, green, or gold open access, a significant portion of research remains locked behind subscription walls, hindering knowledge dissemination. Moreover, scholarly communication extends beyond traditional research articles to encompass a diverse array of outputs, including books, software, and code. Efforts are being made to open the whole research process and bring it closer to society. This diversity underscores the need for innovative approaches to dissemination and access across various formats.

As universities navigate this landscape of change, they play a pivotal role in shaping the future trajectory of knowledge ownership, dissemination and academic discourse.

*A just scholarly publishing ecosystem is transparent, diverse, economically affordable and sustainable, technically interoperable, and steered by the research community and its institutions through coordinated policies.


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