HRP Community meets European IP Helpdesk: IP as a business asset

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8 Feb 2023 @ 11:30am @ 01:00pm

Intellectual property helps drive innovation and growth by bringing in financial returns, raising brand awareness and ensuring business growth. You can rely on intellectual property to increase productivity, earn licensing fees and even receive royalties. Patents help create a monopoly and provide protection to your business by preventing others from commercialising your innovation. IP helps you earn a higher return on investment and manage your assets efficiently.
Under Horizon Europe, exploitation activities continue after the end of the project. The European Commission Horizon Results Platform helps “Turn Europe's research results into innovations which generate value for economy, society and contribute to a sustainable future.”* It offers numerous benefits to EU R&I funding beneficiaries, such as greater visibility and faster matching with priority third parties, targeted promotional events with innovators, free access to support services, etc.
The European IP Helpdesk supports European SMEs and research teams involved in cross-border business and/or EU-funded research activities to manage, disseminate and valorise their IP.
In the Intellectual Property as a Business Asset training, experts will address the following topics: - What is intellectual property (IP)? What are intellectual property rights (IPR)? - Why is intellectual property important? - How can intellectual property be a business asset? - What should you know before entering into a new business collaboration? - IP in collaborative projects - How can you use intellectual property to grow your business? - Examples of IP business strategies - Which institutions can you turn to for support?
We look forward to welcoming you to this training, dedicated to enhancing the valorisation of your research results!

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