DL 2014: 2nd Workshop on Linking and Contextualizing Publications and Datasets

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12 Sep 2014 @ 09:00am @ 05:00pm
City University London

The goal of this workshop is to provide researchers and practitioners in the fields of Digital Library, Scholarly Communication, e-Science, and e-Research with a forum where they can constructively explore theoretical, systemic, and foundational work targeting challenges regarding “linking and contextualizing publications and datasets”. Inspired by the indications resulting from the plenary discussion of the last edition of the workshop (TPDL 2013, Malta), special attention this year will be drawn towards research activities aimed at consolidating and building a common understanding of “data publishing”.

- Data journals: methodologies towards definition of quality datasets (e.g. metadata, metrics, policies), standard narrative descriptions of dataset (data papers), evaluation of datasets in given communities or cross-discipline approaches
- Data publishing workflows: integration of research life-cycle with research outcome dissemination workflows, including data publishing policies, validation steps, combining publication and dataset publishing over different deposition platforms (e.g. institutional repositories and data archives), etc.
- Dataset peer-review: Techniques for manually or automatically validate the quality of datasets prior publishing and dissemination (e.g. tools, services, metrics). Integrating underlying research infrastructures services for data validation/management with data journal practices or data publishing workflows.
- Data citation: Data citation practices, including metadata about datasets, granularity of datasets, citation for rewards and citation for re-use of datasets, interlinking with publications.
- Dataset contextualization: Data models, tools for humans, and services for enriching datasets with semantic information in order to improve their discovery, re-use and quality evaluation.

+ info: http://lcpd2014.research-infrastructures.eu

Workshop program: http://lcpd2014.research-infrastructures.eu/img/LCPD2014_Program.pdf

Event in conjunction with the International Conference on Digital Libraries 2014 (DL2014)

Posted by Eleni Koulocheri
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