LIBER Webinar: Reproducibility Librarianship in Practice

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4 Dec 2018 @ 03:00pm @ 04:00pm

As research across domains of study has become increasingly reliant on digital tools (librarianship included), the challenges in reproducibility have grown. Alongside this reproducibility challenge are the demands for open scholarship, such as releasing code, data, and articles under an open license.

Before, researchers out in the field used to capture their environments through observation, drawings, photographs, and videos; now, researchers and the librarians who work alongside them must capture digital environments and what they contain (e.g. code and data) to achieve reproducibility. Librarians are well-positioned to help patrons open their scholarship, and it’s time to build in reproducibility as a part of our services.

The webinar is addressed to librarians engaged with research data management, open access publishing, grant compliance, pre-registration and interested in reproducibility.

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