Open Science Policies in the context of EOSC - Networking is key!

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27 Nov 2019 @ 02:30pm @ 04:00pm
Danubius Hotel Helia, Budapest , Hungary

OpenAIRE is coordinating the breakout session on Open Science Policies titled "Open Science Policies in the context of EOSC - Networking is key!" at the EOSC Symposium.


Open Science is the cornerstone of EOSC and the national perspective influences the institutional approach and the specific research context. This session will explore how to implement Open Science policies and good practices within all corners of the European research sphere that are critical to make EOSC work. 

OpenAIRE, in its capacity as an experienced network in Open Science throughout Europe with many years of experience aligning OS policies, is facilitating this session. Some of its representatives will explore how they work with policy makers, funders and institutions to align Open Science with EOSC.  The session will also take a thematic perspective through the participation of Research Infrastructures. The session is expected to be highly interactive and to get feedback on the needs of disciplinary communities and EOSC-related projects representatives about how they want to see Open Science carried out, including training approaches and skilling. Ultimately many players are involved in the success of EOSC but also in making Open Science a seamless process, supported at national and EU level. 


  • EOSC-related projects - policy alignment at the national and institutional level
  • Those who support policymakers in their work


November 27th, 14:30- 16:00 at the EOSC Symposium, URANUS room


This session aims at the following:

  • Providing support to those who need to harmonise OS policies in their context
  • It will also examine the uptake of EOSC in different countries in order for successful harmonisation.


This session will

  • Give an overview on how to work together in the EOSC landscape to implement OS policies
  • Showcase the steps for OS policy implementation in different contexts
  • Facilitate an informed discussion about how to get connected in the EOSC environment for OS policies
  • Discuss how to deal with the future challenges in research assessment and how they will connect to policies
  • Provide a chance to contribute your expertise, services to realise Open Science at national settings
  • Illustrate that there are tools to help them


  • An understanding of different perspectives in implementing OS policies.
  • What are the benefits OS policies can bring to all players.
  • How an horizontal infrastructure can support thematic infra's with OS.
  • An interactive session with the audience will explore barriers and requirements for OS implementation.



Chair: Emma Lazzeri

Panel Session, 5 short statements from stakeholders

  • EUA survey - Bregt Saenen, EUA
  • RI perspective - Niklas Blomberg, Elixir
  • National perspective - University of Turin, Elena Giglia
  • Institutional perspective - Elli Papadopoulou, University of Athens
  • OpenAIRE Tools for Policies and Exploitations - Prodromos Tsiavos, Athena
15:00-16:00 Town Hall’ Open Discussion + Guided Questions via mentimeter/slido

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