Find out the latest novelties in the OpenAIRE Dashboard for Content Providers

OpenAIRE Provide service is on production since October 2018 and is on continuous improvement aiming to better fit the needs of the users. There are several novelties available for the different tools of the service, such as new types of metadata enrichments, the integration of Guidelines Version 4 rules in the valitador, the user interface improvements, and the new usage statistics generic tracker script.


OA BrokerRegarding to the Broker events, repository managers can find a new type of event, the author identification ORCID. This event is presented as an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) that can be associated to an author of data source publications.

Additionally, work has been done to generate new types of events, as links between software and publications, and links between datasets and publications. These new types of events are still in the development, you can find all the work in progress and give your feedback or contribution at the Service Public Roadmaphere.

Find more information on how to enrich research artifacts using the Broker service here



The Validator tool has also novelties, namely the integration of Literature Guidelines V4 rules. Therefore, repository managers are now able to run the validator to test the repository compatibility against the OpenAIRE Literature Guidelines V4, and find their level of compliance with the most recent OpenAIRE compatibility rules for Literature Repositories.

Find more on how to validate and register your repository here.


Usage AnalyticsRegarding the OpenAIRE Usage Statistics service, the most recent development is the new usage statistics generic tracker script (as a python script for other cases). Find out more at

Are you interested to know more about the Usage Statistics service? Find out how to track the usage activity of your repository here.


Finally, there are some user interface improvements within the Content Dashboard, as follows:

  • Collection monitor functionality (showcase recent aggregation history, highlighting the indexed version);
  • New dashboard section "My Datasource at a glance" presenting a summary of the main figures and data source information (last indexed date, number of records collected, number of enrichment events, metrics: views and downloads);
  • New support guides available via the help text info and the homepage.


You can follow the newest updates, the ongoing developments and provide us your feedback following the public service roadmap at


The Content Providers Community Calls are a great opportunity to follow the most recent updates, and also to give your feedback to the OpenAIRE Provide management team. Find out more about and be part of this community here.

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