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GraspOS: the European project supporting the reform actions in research assessment (In Greek)

The representatives of OpenAIRE in Greece and Cyprus continue the series of informative webinars and invite you to attend the first seminar of the year on technological developments in the field of research assessment. The presentation will be made by Thanasis Vergoulis, lead technical manager of GraspOS.

GraspOS is a 3-year Horizon Europe project aiming to develop an ecosystem of open metrics for the assessment of researchers, research organisations and the research process. This ecosystem will facilitate the transformation of research assessment policies to reflect responsible practices and recognise Open Science contributions. In addition, the project develops practices to support the implementation of evaluation processes by research organisations and tests the results it produces in different contexts through 9 pilot actions.

At the end of the webinar the participants will be able to:

  • know the goals of the GraspOS project
  • have a comprehensive picture of GraspOS policies and actions
  • use the methodologies and tools in their own context


Mar 14, 2024


Elli Papadopoulou



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