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One of OpenAIRE's main citizen science activities, is about supporting and funding the growth of a school’s network with advanced new seismographs that can monitor seismic activity around Europe and deliver that data to a open access repository. The goal is to introduce and educate students and educators on Open Science, its value, applications and philosophy and at the same time create a learning path over Open Data, collection and proper metadata management of data, analysis of data, insights from data, services that can be build for common good.

As such, an earthquake hackathon "Hackquake" is organized by OpenAIRE's partner, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, with close cooperation and support by Athena Research and Innovation Center (ARC), HELIX-the National Hellenic Research Data Infrastructure, National Observatory of Athens and Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS). The event is organized as part of Open Schools for Open Societies Open Day on October 12, 2019, at the Hellenic-German Education Facility in Pallini, Athens.


The fact

Seismic waves from the earthquake in Albania at 14: 04: 25.2 (UTC) on September 23rd , 2019 first arrived at the school seismograph in Igoumenitsa at 14: 04: 58.4 and after half a minute at the school seismograph in Athens at 14: 05: 36.0

The question

  • Could Igoumenitsa’s school send a warning to the school in Athens before the earthquake arrived?
  • Could the Tirana school be the first to alert the two schools?


Grab the opportunity to attend a unique workshop for students, university students and teachers who love algorithm design and open source development for problem solving.

Recent seismic vibrations in the Eastern Mediterranean region – as recorded by the National Observatory Seismograph School Network – SNAC – will be available (in waveforms) to participants through the Hellenic Data Service HELIX  to develop algorithms that look forward to an early warning system for earthquakes.

The workshop will include problem presentation, analysis of parameters, presentation of examples and then implementation by designing and application of the participants’ suggestions, who will work in groups.

The event will be addressed both to non-experts and advanced users in order to develop and showcase innovative technical solutions to deal with earthquakes. Participants will have access to open data hosted by HELIX and recorded from 30 seismographs belonging to the network of SNAC that are installed in schools in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria and Italy.

At the end of the day, the participants will present their work to a panel of experts and the winners of the two tracks will receive a prize from the organizers. 

The winning team will receive a new generation school seismograph.

Participation is free

Please register here

Registration deadline: 03/10/2019

Beginners session

  • What

    You will be given:

    a) an open set of time-reading data from the SNAC seismograph network,

    b) full access to the HELIX lab and Jupyter laptops. Participants will encode the Python programming language and solve a series of challenges that will handle, analyze, and visualize the data provided.

  • Who

    Students who know Python and are interested in experimenting with Data Science. Our mentors will guide you throughout the day, help you when you get stuck, and teach you new things!

  • Why

    Learn more about Data Science, experiment with real seismic data, and gain a better understanding of seismic phenomena.

Experienced developers session

  • What

    You'll be given an open set of time-reading data from the SNAC Seismograph Network and a challenge: develop an earthquake early warning application! Using any programming language you want, you will develop algorithms for rapidly processing and analyzing seismic data to

    (a) identify earthquake signals and

    (b) immediate warning alerts that could be transmitted a few critical seconds before an impression.

  • Who

    Students familiar with application planning and development. Our mentors will present you with the challenge, guide you through the development, and help deliver a functional demo!

  • Why

    Offer yourself a challenge from the real world with great social interest!

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