Have a say in EOSC’s portfolio of commercial digital services 

The EOSC Future project is launching a commercial services survey to gather feedback from researchers on the various commercial digital services and datasets they use in their work. Ultimately, this information will offer valuable insight into which digital services should be prioritised and procured within the European Open Science Cloud.


The goal of the survey is to ensure that EOSC commercial services and datasets are not only accessible but also refined to meet the changing needs of Europe’s research communities. The survey questions are framed around 3 categories of commercial datasets and services:

  • cloud-based digital services (e.g. compute, AI, developer tools, containers, analytics)
  • commercial datasets
  • development of new services involving research-focused SMEs.

Based on survey feedback, it will be possible to determine whether these services are already available via EOSC, if they can be improved or, alternatively, could be added to the EOSC commercial services portfolio. Looking ahead, this input can have implications for the strategic enhancement and uptake of services via EOSC.

The survey is estimated to take up to 10 minutes to complete and will be open until 16 November 2021.

Complete the survey here: https://eosc-portal.eu/commerical-service-survey


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