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Hellenic Academic Libraries Link

Σύνδεσμος Ελληνικών Ακαδημαϊκών Βιβλιοθηκών (ΣΕΑΒ)


HEAL-Link, in the framework of its activity to strengthen Open Access in Greece, explores systematically the ways and means for the transition to a new scientific publication landscape, which will be sustainable and beneficial to the academic and research institutions, as well as to the public. In this process, HEAL-Link participates in international initiatives, evaluates the developments and weighs them, taking into account the benefit for the Greek scientific community.

Contribution to Open Science

The Hellenic Academic Libraries Link Consortium (HEAL-Link, operates since 1998. All the academic institutions in Greece, as well as the Academy of Athens, the National Library of Greece and the Institute of Educational Policy, are its regular members, whereas all research institutions operating under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Education are cooperating members. HEAL-Link is actively involved in projects and initiatives that advance the scientific publication landscape and its goal is to act for the interests of its members and the greater research community in Greece.

HEAL-Link has the mandate to promote Open Access policies and to power sustainable knowledge in the digital age. The “Declaration on Open Access in Greece” of the consortium expresses its concerns about the inadequacy of the current scientific publication model and explicitly states the direct initiatives that it undertakes. The Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs supports the “Declaration on Open Access in Greece” and this support has been expressed after a meeting with the Chairperson of HEAL-Link, Professor Theodora Ioannidou, on the 31st of May 2018.

Goals and objectives

HEAL-Link’s strategic goals are to facilitate and promote openness in scholarly communication, to cultivate the digital skills of researchers and librarians, and to establish the Open Science principles in the country’s Research Infrastructures.
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Mavroeidis Angelakeris | Giannis Tsakonas
Chairperson of HEAL-Link | Scholarly Communication Unit Coordinator
The Greek academic library community was recently strengthened with a service by the consortium that is dedicated to the developments of Open Access and Open Science. The newly established Scholarly Communication Unit aims to provide librarians with timely information about Open Access (OA) and scholarly communication, as well as to the best practices on research data, scholarly metrics and peer review. The Scholarly Communication Unit operates in the University of Patras, a fundamental member of HEAL-Link, and monitors closely the growth of Open Access in Greece, especially in regards to the implementation of the OA agreements of the consortium.

Also, HEAL-Link has initiated an open collaboration with HELIX, the Hellenic Data Service, to engage its members in a virtuous circle of research data management and to operate a research data repository integrated within the broader HELIX ecosystem. HEAL-Link organizes, coordinates and trains the personnel of the academic institutions on (a) generic and discipline-specific Data Management Plans (DMPs) and (b) drafting and promoting policies that adopt and enforce Open Access/Open Science.