Horizon 2020 Open Access to Publications Mandate (October 2015 webinar)

OpenAIRE Webinar: Open Access to Publications in H2020, by Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (Ghent University and OpenAIRE Regional Coordinator).

Date: 19 October 2015.


  • Open revisited & Open Access
  • OA policy development in H2020
  • Open Access in Horizon 2020
  • What does OpenAIRE offer?
  • How can OpenAIRE help?

Recordings of this session failed but a previous, similar session can be viewed: https://webinars.eifl.net/2015-05-28_OpenaccesstopublicationsinHorizon2020/default.html

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/OpenAccessBelgium/20151019-webinar-open-access-in-horizon-2020




More useful info:

About the Open Access mandate of the EC in H2020 and how to comply: https://www.openaire.eu/open-access-in-horizon-2020

Factsheets for researchers, research administrators, repository managers and information about the research data pilot and the FP7 post-grant Open Access pilot: https://www.openaire.eu/services-factsheets

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