To comply with the EC’s policy you are required to:
  • Deposit the final peer-reviewed version in an online repository
  • Provide Open Access within 6 months (12 months for HSS research)
  • Ensure Open Access to the metadata, which must include:
    • terms ["European Union (EU)" & "Horizon 2020"]["Euratom" & Euratom research & training programme 2014-2018"]  
    • name of the action, acronym and grant number  
    • publication date, the length of the embargo period (if applicable), and a persistent identifier, e.g. DOI

It is not enough to add the publications to Dropbox, project websites, or academic social networks such as ResearchGate. It is recommended to choose an institutional or subject repository, as these have dedicated infrastructure allowing for long-term archiving and interoperability (for example, with OpenAIRE services).

If you have trouble locating a suitable repository, contact your institutional librarian or your National Open Access Desk. You can also use the Zenodo repository, hosted by CERN, to deposit your publications and datasets free of charge, or search in a global registry - re3data or FAIRsharing - for a fitting repository (they provide several filtering options).

Check SHERPA/RoMEO for publisher policies on self-archiving before you deposit your article.
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