In order to provide content to OpenAIRE, journals and repositories have to be registered as technically compliant with OpenAIRE.

To be registered as OpenAIRE compliant, you must ensure that:

  1. Your repository is registered in OpenDOAR prior to the validation process - this is the authority list OpenAIRE relies on for repositories;
  2. Your repository is set up according to OpenAIRE’s guidelines - simple metadata specifications that are required to make your repository or journal compliant. The guidelines outline the necessary steps to comply, to get registered and to be aggregated and indexed in OpenAIRE;
  3. You correctly set up your ListIdentifiers and GetRecord verbs for your ec_fundedresources records.

Repository systems like DSpace, EPrints and Open Journal Systems are OpenAIRE compliant.

If your repository is not compliant, the deposited publications will not be 'harvested' automatically through the OpenAIRE portal, limiting the visibility of your project and access to OpenAIRE’s services.  

The OpenAIRE portal is designed to measure compliance with the EC's and ERC's Open Science policies and pilots. When these conditions are applicable to your project, OpenAIRE is there to make reporting as easy as possible. While non-compliant repositories are still being indexed through OpenAIRE, the visibility and accuracy of project files and publication metadata can be lower.

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