Strengthening Science: How Effective is Horizon2020 So Far?

The EC has released an interim set of working documents to measure the impact and effectiveness of the Horizon2020 Work Programme. Although it is still in the early days, the Work Programme is proving so far a success in terms of relevance, efficiency,  and coherence. 

OpenAIRE is happy to announce that the EC is actively incorporating OpenAIRE's data in the report: "The OpenAire database indicates that 65.2% of Horizon 2020 publications are in open-access and 65.4% of the projects covered by the Open Data pilot make scientific data accessible and re-usable" (1) Important to note: 11,000 projects have been funded, and only 10% of projects have finished.

OpenAIRE Graphs are also used and citation rates in certain programmes such as FP7.

FP7 statistics Monitoring.html2

 OPEN ACCESS contributes to the effectiveness of horizon2020

On the effectiveness of Horizon2020, one of the report's key conclusions is that Horizon2020: "...strengthens the science producing large numbers of world class open access scientific publications.." (2)

The reports also make reference to the impact of the open access and research data policies of the EC. Some interview responses cast interesting insight into how perceptions of open access have changed, mostly cast in a positive light. 

If you are involved in Horizon2020 in any way, this makes good reading!


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