How will the updated FP7 project eligibility time-window be applied?

The FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot policy guidelines state that eligible FP7 projects are those "finished no longer than two years ago at funding request submission time". As explained in a footnote to such guidelines, during the first months of the initiative this criteria has been applied in a flexible way in order to widen the eligibility time-window, making eligible any FP7 project whose end-date was after Jan 1st, 2013. The project eligibility time-window will however be updated as of Jan 1st, 2016: from the new year, only projects finished after Jan 1st, 2014 will be eligible, and all FP7 projects finished in 2013 will cease to be eligible for funding.

Once the first year of the initiative has been completed, i.e. as of June 1st, 2016, an updated and more strict project eligibility time-window will be applied. Finished FP7 projects will remain eligible for up to two months beyond the nominal 2-year window after its end-date. Once these two months are over, the project will be shown as non-eligible in the system and it will no longer be possible to submit any funding request.

Occasional exceptions may be made to this rule when a project has had an early termination or has been extended. Please get in contact with us at  in order to suggest a system update if this is the case for your preject.

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