• Open Access in Horizon 2020

    83% of European Commission's H2020 programme scientific publications are openly accessible
  • A more complete picture than grant reporting systems alone

    A complete dataset of scholarly outputs
    of EU Research funding
  • A service to bridge different research organisation registries

    How to easily disambiguate organisation names
  • Open Science Lens

    Open science in a click
    Locate and explore scientific information relevant to open science when navigating the web
  • Science. Set Free.

    Making the transition of how research is performed and how knowledge is shared.
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34 experts in Europe to cater for your open science needs
Open Access and open science solutions differ from country to country, from discipline to discipline. Our National Open Access Desks know the local scene and can help you on any issues related to open science.
In focus

OpenOrgs: the OpenAIRE service for bridging registries of research organisations

OpenOrgs is a new tool that solves a long-standing problem: the disambiguation of organisations involved in the research process.

The use of open data sources to monitor the European Commission's open access policy and the role of OpenAIRE

The European Commission (EC) has just released a new report that sheds light on the open access policy for Horizon 2020 grants, investigates which aspects of this policy are successful or need further improvements and explores ways to optimize its internal monitoring system. This report was carried out by Athena Research & Innovation Center, a long time partner of OpenAIRE, PPMI , and UNU-Merit. 

Enhancing food & cosmetics: OpenAIRE Research Graph for consumer health

How does science affect our lives? How easy is it for consumers to translate science in their quest for knowledge and informed decisions? Via our open innovation calls we witnessed the incredible possibilities of open science and the OpenAIRE Research Graph feeding AI tools to extract and connect information. All in a mobile app that helps consumers make the healthy decisions.

OpenAPC: Answering the dilemma of Open Access Costs

Research performing organizations fear  that they might pay too much for open access publications or that they lose control on how much they spent on OA so that they can align their strategy. OpenAPC service, a newcomer in the OpenAIRE portfolio, collects APC data allowing for better monitoring.


Access to energy research in Europe


EnerMaps developed the beta version of the EnerMaps Gateway centralising scientific content from over 90.000 providers. ...

Have a say in EOSC’s portfolio of commercial digital services 


The EOSC Future project is launching a commercial services survey to gather feedback from researchers on the various com...

DESIRA: Digitising economic and social impacts in rural areas


The DESIRA OpenAIRE Dashboard brings together publications and research outcomes related to digitalisation and its socio...

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