OpenAIRE Newsletter December 2023

OpenAIRE Newsletter December 2023

 08 July 2024 

OpenAIRE Graph: 140+ million affiliation links for better monitoring

Constantly improving!

The new OpenAIRE Graph update features a significant increase in the number of affiliations links. With improved affiliation ingestion and extraction algorithms, the number of research products in the OpenAIRE Graph containing affiliation information has increased to over 79 million (>140Mi in total when counting multiple affiliations). 

This development gives users of the Graph, either when they use directly through the APIs, or indirectely through services such as OpenAIRE MONITOROpenAIRE CONNECT, or the Open Science Observatory, more comprehensive insights for bibliometric analysis used in research assesmement excersises.

Stay tuned as we continue to enrich the Graph with more affiliations and classifications and make it a comprehensive and authoritative source of scholarly knowledge.

Towards the road for trusted repositorie: New report on the state of repositories in Europe

In the scope of a strategy to strengthen the European repository network, OpenAIRE, LIBER, SPARC Europe, and COAR conducted a survey of the European repository landscape across 394 repositories from 34 different countries. 

AI with and for Open Science - LLMs in the center

Discover how AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are restructuring researchers' practices and cultural perspectives, shaping their modes of communication, information sharing, and infrastructure perception.


OpenAIRE in the winning consortium of the EOSC Procurement

The Open Science Agora consortium, led by Athena Research Center along with key partners EGI Foundation, OpenAIRE AMKE, and Netcompany Intrasoft SA, are the recipients of the European Commission's DG CNECT public procurement tender.


OpenAIRE will be responsible for the delivery and operation of the EOSC Knowledge Graph and the services registry, as well as providing OpenPlato LMS to host training material for the EOSC EU Node.

Advancing Open Science in the Netherlands

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and OpenAIRE have solidified their partnership in a bid to innovate research practices in the Netherlands.

Year in Review: SciLake

The SciLake project broke ground in early 2023 to advance the generation and interoperability of  Scientific Knowledge Graphs. Dive into an overview of the project's major accomplishments and get a glimpse at what’s next to come.

Towards better teaching for Open Science

Last month, we concluded the 4th edition of our eagerly awaited train-the-trainer bootcamp. We are thrilled to announce that the feedback we received throughout the week and via the satisfaction survey was overwhelmingly positive.

1st Community Call

The OpenAIRE Graph

17th January 2023


Join us Wednesday Jan. 17th 11:00-12:00 CET, as we kick off the series with a special session hosted by Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE CTO.

Got questions or suggestions for the OpenAIRE Graph? Join us in the very first OpenAIRE Graph Community Call! A new series where we dive into the makings and workings of one of the world’s largest #ScholarlyKnowledgeGraphs and give you the floor for questions, feedback, & suggestions.

See upcoming events

10 January 02:30pm - 03:30pm
17 January 11:00am - 12:00pm
17 January 11:00am - 12:00pm
29 January - 1 February
30 January - 31 January



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