OpenAIRE Newsletter February 2024

OpenAIRE Newsletter February 2024

 30 May 2024 

Introducing the Revamped OpenAIRE Graph Portal

Exciting news: Τhe OpenAIRE Graph website has undergone a transformation! Now it's easier than ever to get a comprehensive overview of the vast knowledge graph. From general outlines of the Graph’s backend and functionality on the About page to detailed insights on the Statistics page, we've revamped the site with you in mind. Dive into what the Graph is all about, explore technical details in our documentation portal, and engage with the community through our User Forum and monthly Community Calls. The Graph is first and foremost a community-driven effort, so let's shape the future of Open Science together.

Explore the new portal for yourself, and stay updated with real-time developments by following us on Χ (Twitter). 

OpenAIRE's Strategic SDG Integration

Open Science is committed to shaping research for the greater good, and championing inclusivity and participation. By integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into OpenAIRE's framework, we're driving meaningful societal impact. This strategic alignment allows us to monitor, evaluate, and shape policies that prioritise global concerns. With sustainability at the forefront, we're informing policymakers and advancing research for a better world.

Meet PHAIDRA Network

Our National Open Access Desk, Gerda McNeill, introduced us to the PHAIDRA Network, a repository nework joining forces for long-term preservation. In 2024, PHAIDRA network officially launched with over 20 partners across Austria and Europe. This collaborative network brings together institutions to leverage years of experience and technical advancements in long-term archiving. 


Welcome to OSTrails: Blaze Your Trail!

We're thrilled to kick start 2024 with exciting news from the launch of the EU-funded project Open Science Trails (OSTrails).


A partnership of 40 partners, OSTrails

started its activities on the 5th and 6th of February in Athens. A 3-year endeavor is on a mission to lay the groundwork for streamlining FAIR assessment and machine actionability within the European Open Science Cloud.


OSTrails' mission is to enhance and connect the Planning, Tracking, and Assessing phases of research, towards an interconnected infrastructure that supports researhers to effortlessy do their work.

ARGOS Refresh: Exploring the Latest Updates 

The ARGOS DMP service has evolved with cutting-edge technology and methodologies, setting the stage for the future of data management plans (DMPs). The latest updates include: new terminology, template blueprints, different types of templates. 

Reflecting on PathOS: A Year in Review

2023 was a productive year for the PathOS project. Explore an extended summary of the PathOS’ key achievements through the past year and learn what lies ahead in its journey towards understanding and measuring Open Science impacts, their causal mechanisms, and the Cost Benefit Analysis.

EOSC Winter School 

OpenAIRE participated in the EOSC Winter School, from Jan 29 - Feb 1 in Thessaloniki, Greece. This event brought together over 100 experts for a week of collaboration and alignment and OpenAIRE was there with Elli, Leonidas and Stefania. Taking part in convrersations, taking stock of the community has collectively achieved, co-shaping the future.

5th OpenAIRE Train the Trainer Bootcamp

13-17 May 2024


Join us in May for one of OpenAIRE's most informative training sessions: The week-long Train-The-Trainer BootCamp. 

Explore all the required tools for best practices. Gain confidence in addressing challenges and join our collaborative trainer community. Whether you're an experienced Open Science trainer or looking to step into this pathway, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Have a look and learn all the requirements.

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5 March 12:00pm - 01:00pm
20 March 11:00am - 12:00pm



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