OpenAIRE Newsletter March 2024

OpenAIRE Newsletter March 2024

 02 July 2024 

Unveiling Ireland's Path to Open Access: Introducing the National Open Access Monitor

We are proud to announce a landmark achievement as Ireland launches the National Open Access Monitor. This milestone comes after months of rigorous selection processes and an immense group effort, and we can now see the results! The National Open Access Monitor marks a significant stride towards Ireland’s goal of achieving 100% accessibility to publicly funded research by 2030. This initiative will serve as a beacon, guiding the country's transition towards a more transparent and inclusive research ecosystem.

This news is an inspiring example for other countries that sets a bright future for Open Access and research, illuminating the path toward a more accessible and impactful research landscape. Open Science monitoring is a continuous effort that should come from open sources and this is where the community should invest! 

A new Gateway Connecting the Geothermal Community

Learn about the new gateway that has been launched on OpenAIRE.CONNECT to bring together the geothermal community. EGRISE is a space that facilitates the free flow of knowledge between all actors in the field, moving geothermal research and innovation forward. Plugged into the OpenAIRE Graph, the community now has access to more than 8,000 document. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge, a user-friendly interface, and monitoring capabilities, EGRISE 2.0 is ready for the world.

Unlocking insights in Cancer Research through Knowledge Graphs

Learn how the Horizon Europe project SciLake facilitates the charge in cancer research insights. Dive into key topics discussed by project coordinators and explore useful insights from the creation of the Cancer Research Knowledge Graph, an innovative tool that offers crucial context for designing new experiments, powered by advanced algorithms. With the assistance of SciLake technical partners, the members of the pilot project are utilising advanced methods to achieve a deepened understanding and evolve the future of molecular biology and immunopathology. 


Shape the future of Open Science Monitoring

OpenAIRE seeks a dynamic subcontractor for the EOSC Track Horizon Europe project, focusing on coordinating monitoring frameworks and activities, facilitating EOSC surveys, and ensuring timely data and content delivery with active EOSC community involvement.


This unique opportunity offers €170,000 to the subcontractor who brings unparalleled value in shaping the European Open Science Observatory.


The call is open until April 19, 2024. Join us in contributing to a transformative Open Science landscape across Europe.

Join the OpenPlato Community: Call for Content Contributors

Interested in using OpenPlato for creating self-paced courses, hosting virtual workshops, or incorporating any other form of training material relevant to Open Science? Let us know! OpenPlato is calling all who would like to onboard their content to submit their request via the form below.

Insights and Inquiries: A Deeper Look into our Horizon Europe Webinar 

On Tuesday 19 March, we hosted our recurring webinar focused on the Horizon Europe Open Science requirements, which we organise three times a year.


Get the recap and stay ahead of the curve!

OpenAIRE and Japan's NII Join forces to advance best practices in research infrastructures

We're excited to announce a new collaboration between the National Institute of Informatics in Japan and OpenAIRE. This partnership is focused on enhancing interoperability and promoting best practices for research infrastructures. 


OpenOrgs: Curating Research Performing Organisation Affiliations

9th April 2024

14:00-15:00 CET

Join us to learn about OpenOrgs, the OpenAIRE service designed to streamline and clarify data for research organisation affiliations. This tool tackles the issue of duplicate and unclear records, improving the accuracy of organisational data within the research landscape.

This webinar will cover how OpenOrgs works, its benefits for data management, and its new website. Register now to discover more about OpenOrgs and find out how you can help improve research data quality.

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