OpenAIRE Content Providers Newsletter April 2024

OpenAIRE Content Providers Newsletter April 2024
Content Providers News no.38

03 July 2024 ‍

Join the 33rd OpenAIRE Content Providers Community Call

Upcoming meeting: May 8th at 14h30 CEST

The Community Calls for Content Providers aim to present and discuss the latest developments from OpenAIRE, upcoming releases from the PROVIDE related services and other pertinent topics. These calls offer clear and accurate information about OpenAIRE's infrastructure and service advancements.

The Community calls are open to all OpenAIRE content provider managers and welcome any feedback from users.

Join the next OpenAIRE Graph Community Call

Upcoming meeting: April 17th at 11h00 CEST

Every month, on the third Wednesday from 11:00-12:00 CET, the OpenAIRE Graph team will host an online conference call open to all in the research community.

This 3-part series exploring Use Cases & API, New Developments, and How it Works is an opportunity to present and discuss recent developments in the OpenAIRE Graph and the ways you can best harness it for your projects. Join us in open discussion and give us your feedback about the vast knowledge graph and how we can better the service for your needs.

For more information, you can visit the new OpenAIRE Graph website. We look forward to seeing you!

Update the compatibility level of your repository with the latest versions of the OpenAIRE Guidelines

Get to know the benefits and how to upgrade

The compatibility with the latest versions of the OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature, Institutional, and Thematic Repositories improves the interoperability of the repositories as well as its FAIRness.

Adopting the latest version of the OpenAIRE Guidelines, repositories are complying with the latest IT and repository standards: its content is more contextualised (links and relationships to other types of research outcomes and entities, such as PIDs), more flexible (different and improved vocabularies), and more embedded in the R&I ecosystem (alignment with Open Science mandates and standards and support for well-established metadata schemas, namespace abbreviations).

If your repository is compliant with the latest version of the OpenAIRE Guidelines it's also FAIR enough! This is your road to FAIRness.

Check if your repository is following the latest versions of the OpenAIRE Guidelines and update the compatibility level accessing your repository dashboard in OpenAIRE PROVIDE. 

OpenAIRE PROVIDE Dashboard Novelties

Keep up to date with the latest developments

Connect and engage with the Provide Dashboard, your centralised platform for collaborating with OpenAIRE and shaping the global Open Research landscape. Follow the links to dive in and explore the gateway to the European Open Science Cloud. Stay updated on the latest developments and make sure to mark all the key dates!


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