OpenAIRE Newsletter April 2024

OpenAIRE Newsletter April 2024

 06 May 2024 


BARCELONA DECLARATION: A Catalyst for Change in Open Research Information  

This month has been filled with significant news and announcements, including the launch of Barcelona's Declaration Form on Open Research Information. OpenAIRE is proud to be among the signatories from the first phase, demonstrating our formal commitment to actively support the open circulation of research information and enhance best practices for knowledge creation, dissemination, and unrestricted data usage. Keep reading to explore the core commitments of the declaration, our involvement, the key factors that prompted this change, and more. Join the community shaping a future where research is accessible to all!

OpenAIRE Tech Talk Roundup: Breaking Down the Bits and Bytes. And beyond.

Discover the highlights of the OpenAIRE Technical Coordination Workshop held in Pisa from April 12-14, 2024. Read on to find out how our tech team addressed all agenda items, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where ideas were exchanged to enhance the Open Science infrastructure landscape in Europe. Explore the insights from our CEO's perspective, where transparency, innovation, teamwork, and fresh visions took center stage. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?

Fostering Open Science in the AURORA University Alliance with Hands-on Training 

The AURORA University Alliance and OpenAIRE are merging forces! In our shared mission to foster openness and collaboration, we're introducing a series of transformative training sessions. Led by experts from OpenAIRE, these sessions will equip the participants with the skills to navigate and leverage the vast array of Open Science tools and resources effectively. Read all the details below and get ready to elevate your research journey!


OpenOrgs Website goes Live! Organisations and PIDs in the Centre  

Picture a world where every organization, whether on a university campus or within a research institute, is easily recognizable, its contributions meticulously charted, and its collaborations effortlessly facilitated. This is the vision OpenOrgs is bringing to life.


Meet now the all-new OpenOrgs website and learn how you may become a curator for your institution's ID. 

Turkey Makes Strides in Open Science

Our NOAD, Gultekin Gurdal, recently presented "Open Science in TĂĽrkiye and the Impact of OpenAIRE" at the Polish Open Science Conference. Learn about OpenAIRE's role in developing Open Access infrastructures and promoting Open Science in Turkey in our latest blog.

A Collegial Approach to Research Integrity: Ireland’s NRIF 

Ruth Morgan, from Atlantic Technological University, is analyzing the importance of research integrity in our recent blog post. Explore how Ireland's National Research Integrity Forum (NRIF) promotes research integrity (RI) and excellence through a collaborative approach.

Building a European Network for Research Software Excellence

The EVERSE project is set to revolutionise research software and code scenery. Discover the highlights from its kick-off meeting held in Thessaloniki, Greece from March 11th to 13th. OpenAIRE’s representatives presented their clear vision and work plan. Dive in! 


OpenAIRE MONITOR Community Call

21 May, 2024 

13:00 CET

Monitoring research via open databases is the new way to assess research. OpenAIRE's MONITOR Service relies on the OpenAIRE Graph which is an open,  trusted and global data that goes much beyond publications. 

Join us to learn more on the methodology we use to build indicators, and have your say on new ones. Help us improve the service so we can better share with you and the broader community.

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15 May 11:00am - 12:00pm
29 May 02:00pm



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