OpenAIRE Content Providers Newsletter May 2024

OpenAIRE Content Providers Newsletter May 2024
Content Providers News no.38

28 May 2024 ‍

Update your repository compatibility with the latest OpenAIRE Interoperability Guidelines

OpenAIRE Webinar to support repository managers

OpenAIRE is running a repository upgrade campaign to assist the repository managers of the data sources registered in OpenAIRE that are compatible with versions prior to 3.0 and 4.0 of the guidelines, on upgrading their compatibility level.

OpenAIRE is now moving to a new phase of this campaign, that is related to the new Content Acquisition Policy, which will have the following implications: 

  • Only data sources compatible with the OpenAIRE Guidelines version 3.0 and 4.0 for institutional and thematic repositories will be accepted for registration in OpenAIRE; 
  • Repositories currently registered in OpenAIRE compatible with Guidelines DRIVER, v2.0 and v2.0+ will be dismissed from OpenAIRE PROVIDE; 
    • Contents from these repositories will be aggregated by OpenAIRE via BASE. OpenAIRE will not directly collect data from such repositories. 

We invite all interested repository managers to join us in a dedicated Webinar on May 28th at 14h30 CEST, on updating the compatibility level of repositories.

The OpenAIRE technical team will present the details of upcoming actions and will be available to answer all your questions and inquiries.

Open Repositories Conference 2024

Check out the presentations by OpenAIRE

The 19th International Conference on Open Repositories will be held Gothenburg, Sweden, from 3 to 6 June 2024, will have the participation of OpenAIRE, to present some of the recent developments for repository managers, mainly the role of OpenAIRE PROVIDE to the EOSC onboarding and the OpenAIRE Guidelines, a case study from The Netherlands on the use of OpenAIRE services, and the study on the European repository landscape.

Check the program and the following presentations:

  • Making data sources discoverable in the EOSC Marketplace via OpenAIRE PROVIDE
  • Switching the national portal of The Netherlands to OpenAIRE within six months 
  • Taking stock of the repository landscape in Europe: survey results and next steps 
  • OpenAIRE guidelines streamlined, modernized and more global 


The Open Repositories Conference occupies a unique place in the landscape of open knowledge, open source and digital preservation conferences, providing participants a good opportunity to be up to date on current community practices and future repository trends combined with networking opportunities.

If you are attending the OR2024, you are invited to follow the OpenAIRE presentations and to be in touch with presenters.


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