OpenAIRE Newsletter May 2024

OpenAIRE Newsletter May 2024

 11 June 2024 


The Evolution of the European Open Science Cloud towards a federation

EOSC Beyond is a new Horizon Europe project which is committed to enhancing the EOSC ecosystem by enabling seamless integration of EOSC resources through a federated network of pilot Nodes. Utilizing co-design methodologies and partnerships, it is dedicated to improving existing EOSC Core services and framework, including Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure, Persistent Identifiers, Resource Catalogue, Metadata Knowledge Graph, Marketplace, and more. 

OpenAIRE plays a crucial role in EOSC Beyond by enhancing the interoperability and integration of services within the EOSC ecosystem. As a key provider of EOSC Core services, including the EOSC Knowledge Graph, Providers Dashboard, and Research Products Accounting, OpenAIRE focuses on extending the capabilities of the EOSC platform to connect regional, national, and thematic nodes. 

DMP Platforms Sign the Salzburg Manifesto 

At the dawn of 2024, the key Data Management Plan (DMP) service providers—ARGOS, DAMAP, and DSW—published the Salzburg Manifesto on machine-actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs). This manifesto proudly presents the shared commitment of major DMP service providers in the EU, US, and UK to collaborate and optimize data management planning through common standards and automation.

Charting New Paths: EC's New Action Plan for Research Assessment 

COARA signatories have begun publishing action plans to implement the ten commitments outlined in the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment (ARRA). The European Commission's plan aligns closely with OpenAIRE's initiatives to support open science practices. This plan aims to enhance the diversity, transparency, and quality of research assessments across the EU. 


Discover OpenAIRE's Services in Action in the UK!

Jisc has been a long-time ally of OpenAIRE, with UK NOAD Frank Manista highlighting the strong bonds between the OpenAIRE community and the UK.

In December 2023, Jisc and OpenAIRE hosted an informative webinar titled "Spotlight on Services: How Can OpenAIRE Facilitate Your Work in the UK." Six expert speakers explored OpenAIRE services—Explore, Provide, Monitor, ARGOS, and the OpenAIRE Graph—explaining their benefits for librarians, repository managers, and researchers.

Don't miss out—listen to the webinar recording today and see how OpenAIRE can support your work!

Finnish Greetings Discussions and Knowledge Sharing by Azerbaijan NOADs

A strong team composed of our Azerbaijani NOADs, Khayala Hajiyeva, Director of the Library Information Center at Azerbaijan Technical University, Iltifat Ibrahimov, Senior Consultant on Digitization and Library Systems and the University's Technical Representatives, traveled this month to Finland for an interesting training session as part of the "Developing Research Capacity through Institutional Repository Network in Azerbaijan" known as DIRNA project. 

EuroCRIS in the center of Infrastructure

On May 16th, the CRIS community gathered in Vienna for the 16th CRIS Conference. Our CEO, Natalia Manola, was a keynote speaker on Day II, discussing open science, open infrastructure, and research information management.  She also gave an exclusive sneak peek into groundbreaking projects like OSTrails and GraspOS.


Check the animated sketch, a snapshot with all the key points. 


OpenAIRE CONNECT + MONITOR Joint Community Call

2 July, 2024 

12:00 CET

CONNECT and MONITOR, a customised dashboard for Research Initiatives

Join us to learn more on how we may integrate monitoring indicators into our Research Community Gateways.


Have your say and help us improve our services so we can better share with you and the broader community.

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