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Mr André Dazy, coordinator of Couperin’s  services and forecasting studies department oversees the project implementation, coordinates the different French stakeholders and coworking group. His position of coordinator of the department services and forecasting studies at Couperin is a key position to animate the network of all French OA stakeholders.

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Couperin, France 
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Short Bio

For more than 10 years now, André Dazy has been involved in various actions promoting open science. He took part in the organisation of National founding meetings for open science in France and still organises meetings to promote openness of the scientific research outputs. He coordinates the Couperin’s open science working group and is also part of the open science committee for the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. As a NOAD, he liaises with all the French open science stakeholders and takes an effective part in the main open science initiatives.

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