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Short Bio:
Ms Gita Rozenberga, representative of the National Open Access Desk in Latvia. Her responsibilities include advising on Open Access and opening science questions, organizing and/or providing activities for training and support scientific community in Latvia, collecting information about Open Access situation in Latvia. 
University of Latvia Library, Latvia
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Short Bio
Elena Giglia, PhD, Masters’ Degree in Librarianship and Masters’ Degree in Public Institutions Management, is Head of the Open Access Office at the University of Turin. In June 2019 she was appointed as a member of the “Open Science” Working Group at the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MIUR). She is also a member of the “Open Access working group” at CRUI - Conference of Italian Universities Rectors, of AISA, Italian Association for Open Science, and of IOSSG, Italian Open Science Support Group. She attends national and international conferences, and writes and lectures on Open Access and Open Science. She takes part as expert in several EU Workshops on Open Access and Open Science, and has been part of the European Open Science networking for many years. She coordinates the CO-OPERAS Implementation Network in GoFAIR and represents Italy in the OPERAS consortium. She serves in the Scientific Committee of Open Edition and in the Scientific Committee of the international OAI-CERN workshop on Innovation in Scholarly Communication.
She also loves taking pictures; please feel free to reuse her photos from