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The EC Post Grant Open Access Pilot has officially been launched and is now open for collecting funding requests for OA publications arising from finished (or “post-grant”) FP7 projects.

This pilot is being implemented in the context of the OpenAIRE2020 project, and is aligned with the Open Access infrastructure and support network provided by OpenAIRE. The current FP7 post-grant Open Access Pilot should not be confused with the previous FP7 Green Open Access Pilot launched in August 2008.

The FP7 post-grant Open Access Pilot provides an additional instrument to improve access to research results from FP7 projects, but does not affect authors' choice on how their project publications are made Open Access.

The Pilot policy guidelines provide all the details on the eligibility criteria and the technical requirements that projects and publications must meet in order to collect funding to cover their Open Access publishing fees. A set of Frequently Asked Questions has also been made available to clarify specific aspects of the policy guidelines.

Funding requests for eligible publications may now be submitted through the Central Service at the OpenAIRE site. Eligible requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis up to a maximum of three publications per eligible FP7 project. Information on how the funding is gradually spent will be shared monthly from the OpenAIRE blog.

A FP7 Post Grant Open Access Pilot Workshop will be held June 24th at the LIBER Annual Conference in London where information will be provided on the progress of the initiative one month after its launch.


Pablo de Castro, email: 
LIBER Open Access Officer