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ISDI Information Society Development Institute

Institutul de Dezvoltare a Societății Informaționale


IDSI actively promotes and implements Open Science principles through its information infrastructure and activities, both on institutional and national levels

Contribution to Open Science

Information Society Development Institute (ISDI) is a research institute focused on research and applications for information society development.
The Institute is the only R&D organization which is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

ISDI serves as information and consultancy source, cooperating extensively with individuals and businesses interested in building an information society at national, regional and international levels.

We have joined the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in 2014.

ISDI is founded jointly by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (2008). 

Goals and objectives

IDSI is an active member in the Open Science arena in the Republic of Moldova, advocating for the adoption of Open Science practices by all communities. Specifically, IDSI is working towards the advancement of open access and research data management practices in the country and beyond. By further developing the National Bibliometric Instrument (IBN), it will contribute to the long-term preservation and reuse of Moldovan authors' Open Access publications.

Some of IDSI upcoming goals and objectives are:
  • Actively promote and support the implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Advance the development of a national Open Science policy for the Republic of Moldova.
  • Extend efforts for more institutions in the Republic of Moldova to adopt OA, Open Science, and Research Data policies and provide support for these practices.
  • Carry on developing and maintaining National Bibliometric Instrument as a comprehensive and reliable OA repository for scientific publications from Moldovan researchers and institutions.
  • Expand OA to Moldovan scientific journals by providing services using the National Bibliometric Instrument.
  • Extend the research and provide consultancy on the opportunities, challenges, and best practices of open science, especially in relation to digital transformation, innovation, and social responsibility.
  • Continuously raise awareness and enhance the capacity of researchers and other stakeholders on the principles, values, and benefits of open science, as well as the ethical and legal aspects of open data sharing and reuse.
  • Member since
Contact Info
Dr. Igor Cojocaru
IDSI provides researchers with relevant tools and services enabling Open Science and actively promotes its practices within the national scientific community.
  • IDSI is responsible for the design, development and operation of ACADEMICA Gigabit e-Infrastructure, which interconnects the majority of national research organisations.
  • National Bibliometric Instrument IBN, developed by IDSI since 2011, is the biggest Open Access electronic library of articles published in national scientific journals and conference proceedings from the Republic of Moldova, with over 184.000 records.
  • - the national portal for research information
  • Database of national scientific events
  • IDSI TV - an online streaming service for scientific, cultural and educational events from the Republic of Moldova
  • IDSI is the organizer of the national Open Science conference and author of the first comprehensive study “Open Science in the Republic of Moldova”.

We continue to set high standards of good OA practices for the scientific journals of the Republic of Moldova.