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Public administrations in all countries and science, technology and innovation (STI) stakeholders produce a vast amount of dynamic, multilingual and heterogeneous data. Understanding and analysing these data are instrumental to evidence-based policymaking. The EU-funded IntelComp project will establish an innovative cloud platform to assist public administrators and policymakers in the STI domain with AI-based services. The project will engage multidisciplinary groups to co-develop innovative analytics services, natural language processing pipelines and AI workflows and to exploit open data, services and computational resources from the European Open Science Cloud and high-performance computing environments as well as federated distributed operations. IntelComp will adopt living lab methodologies and involve public and private stakeholders to explore and assess STI policies.

Large Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) datasets are processed on High Performance Computing (HPC) environment part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) imitative. Public administration at all geographical and organizational levels, STI stakeholders and civil society produce a great amount of dynamic, multilingual and heterogeneous data (i.e. national STI strategies, plans and work programmes, calls, projects, reports, scientific publications, patents, dissemination articles, etc.), so understanding and analyzing this data is crucial for evidence-based policy making.

The objective of IntelComp is to deliver a platform that provides tools for assisting the whole spectrum of STI policy, i.e., agenda setting, modeling design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. It will do so by involving multi-disciplinary teams to co-develop innovative analytics services, Natural Language Processing pipelines and Artificial Intelligence workflows and by exploiting open data, services and computational resources from the EOSC, HPC environments and federated distributed operations at the European Union, national and regional level. It will ensure a cooperative environment where different actors can visualize, interact and analyze information. Through co-creation, IntelComp will adopt a living labs approach and will engage public policy makers, academia, industry, SMEs, local actors, civil society and citizens to explore, experiment with and evaluate STI policies at all stages.

IntelComp will be targeting domains aligned with the European Agenda and the Horizon Europe Missions: Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change and Health.