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IntelComp project on policy making, uses the OpenAIRE Research Graph, Argos and Zenodo

IntelComp Data Lake information is available through Argos DMP

A few words about IntelComp

IntelComp is a Horizon 2020 project (GA: No. 101004870) focusing on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy. IntelComp analyse research and innovation data (IntelComp STI Data Lake) with Artificial Intelligence services to co-develop tools that improve the design, implementation, and monitoring of STI policies. The developed services and tools will be available through a platform that will serve policymakers, research funders, researchers, analysts, citizen scientists, research organisations and institutions to view insights from current practices, assess the impact and spot the trends in STI. The project shares priorities and supports the European strategies and actions for Climate Change (Energy), Health improvement (Cancer), and Artificial Intelligence. In this effort, IntelComp builds on the experience, expertise, and excellence of OpenAIRE, combined with powerful High-Performance Computing (HPC) and European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) services


OpenAIRE is a core partner of IntelComp, feeding the IntelComp STI Data Lake with more than 140 million research outputs (publications, research data, software, etc.) available through the OpenAIRE Research Graph. Furthermore, OpenAIRE is selected for the creation of the IntelComp Data Management Planning (DMP) and monitoring activities via the Argos service. IntelComp’s Data Management Plan is created and maintained in Argos as a FAIR machine actionable output, addressing Research Data Management (RDM) policies, activities, and services according to the Horizon 2020 guidelines.

Why Argos

A main principle and objective for IntelComp, is to ensure a cooperative environment where different actors can visualize, interact, and analyze information. This is performed by running co-creation activities in the form of Living Labs and preparation workshops. In this context, Argos was the perfect fit for IntelComp offering the possibility to share and co-create the Data Management Plan. The process of creating the IntelComp DMP was easy and straightforward following the Horizon 2020 template that is included in the Argos collection, containing instructions that guided provided answers. To support Open Science the DMP should be made Open and FAIR. This necessity is met via Argos that, once finalizing the DMP, provides the possibility to immediately publish in Zenodo with a click, leading to an automated metadata record that is citable, has license, DOI (Digital Object Identifiers) and is visible and findable in the OpenAIRE Research Graph. Finally, an extra criterion for choosing Argos is the support of machine-actionable formats of the generated and published DMPs. This poses new potential for IntelComp that is based on data analysis and exploitation activities for effective decision- and policymaking.

  • A rich variety of Data Management Plans templates from research funders, including of course the European Commission Horizon 2020 and upcoming Horizon Europe funding programmes.
  • Immediate access through many signup's options.
  • On the fly, live, co-creation and co-edit of DMPs by teams.
  • Accessibility of the DMPs on the cloud.
  • Sharing DMPs in human and machine actionable formats.
  • Upload of DMPs on Zenodo, as a stand-alone file, or as part of a project community portfolio.
  • Assign a Digital Object Identifier through Zenodo.
  • Visibility of publicly shared Data Management Plans and accountability based on FAIR data principles.

The IntelComp DMP on Argos

The first draft of the IntelComp DMP (M6) is central to the IntelComp STI Data Lake that is composed of large STI datasets, i.e., usually being public administration files (CORDIS , HFRI), reports, patents (EPO PATSTAT), datasets produced by researchers and research active organisations (DrugBank, ClinicalTrials, NIH). This amount of dynamic, multilingual, and heterogeneous data needs to be combined, processed, and analysed. The inputs and outputs of these processes should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR), to meet compliance with the European guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020.


This version of the IntelComp DMP is produced in the context of Work Package 8 "Project Management and Coordination". It provides an overview of the activities characterizing data management in the project, detailing the types of datasets collected, generated, and used, focusing on re-used datasets, and drawing a first picture of how they are expected to be handled by / in the IntelComp STI Data Space.

The DMP is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 presents general information on the project and the consortium
  • Section 2 provides the dataset description, including how the consortium plans to comply with the FAIR data principles, and
  • Section 3 describes the (initial) reused datasets

The IntelComp DMP is a “living document” throughout the project's lifecycle with new versions published in Zenodo IntelComp Community when necessary.

Download the IntelComp DMP on Zenodo

The first version of the IntelComp Data Management Plan is available in the IntelComp community on Zenodo here:

IntelComp stakeholders

The partners of IntelComp project are carefully selected for their experiences and expertise that support and work towards the project's objectives. These are:

FECYT (Project Coordinator)
Technopolis Group
Ministerio De Economia, Industria Y Competitividad
NTT Data

Published: May 4, 2022