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Join OpenAIRE

Join OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE is an OA infrastructure integrating and linking entities from a wide range of scholarly resources (see our content acquisition policy). When your content is harvested by OpenAIRE, you automatically comply with the EC’s policies on Open Access.
OpenAIRE has defined a series of Interoperability Guidelines to assist data providers expose their content in an interoperable format.  
  1. Literature repositories: use of vocabularies, and how to provide links to funding and other research entities (e.g., datasets), and access rights
  2. Data repositories: based on the latest DataCite XML Schema, extended with information on links to funding and access rights.
  3. CRIS systems: compatible with CERIF (EuroCRIS) 


Enrich your content

Enrich your content

One of our major services for Open Science is to aggregate content from many different sources from Europe and beyond. But we don't stop there! We apply cleaning, transformation, disambiguation processes, and identify relationships among all research entities: publications, data, funding, researchers, organisations and data sources.
This is our way of enriching metadata and make a research outcome presented in its right research context.
How can you take advantage of this?
We are in the process of developing a BROKERING service where you will be able to register and get notifications for any updates/differences on the content you provide to us. So stay tuned for updates coming up in the next few months.
Know the impact of your content

Know the impact of your content

We have already started working on a service that will gather usage data from local repositories and will analyse them -OpenAIRE analytics service- as a steptowards the establishment of article level metrics.
Our efforts currently focus on the following aspects:
  • Align policies and share standards for gathering and sharing usage data. We are in contact with other initiatives (e.g., IRUS) and have already come up with a protocol which we will be publishing in the next months.
  • Collect, aggregate and analyze usage data to produce metrics. This service involves big data technologies as we expect the volume to be substantial and we are looking for repositories to partner with us.
If you are interested in participating in our pilots, do not hesitate to contact us at .

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OpenAIRE has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreements No. 777541 and 101017452 (see all).

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