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Feb 27, 2024
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Introducing the Revamped OpenAIRE Graph Website

Feb 27, 2024

The new OpenAIRE Graph website is finally here! Packed with a host of new features, the new portal is easier to navigate, and designed to help you on your journey to better understand the vast knowledge graph.

As soon as you enter the revamped portal, you get a quick overview of the Graph's content and an invitation to dive deeper into its insights on the new Statistics page.


You can also get a comprehensive yet easily digestible breakdown of what the Graph is and how it works in the What is the OpenAIRE Graph page. If you want even more details and to dive deeper into the technical aspects, head to our documentation portal, easily accessible from the top menu bar, where you can find all the info about the Graph's inner workings. It’s all about transparency!

The revamped site also introduces the Use/Contribute page, designed to guide you on how to make the most of the Graph. On this page, you’re given a quick overview on how you can use or contribute to the Graph either directly via the dataset or APIs, or via one of the OpenAIRE services depending on your role, whether it be researcher, data provider, part of a national infrastructure, etc. Every interaction with the Graph further enriches it, which not only equips you with more data to advance your projects, but also helps the wider research community by broadening the Open Science landscape.

use contribute 1

At the heart of the OpenAIRE Graph is community collaboration. Developed with and by the OpenAIRE and wider Open Science community, the Graph is a public good made to serve actors in every stage of research. Therefore, engagement with the community is a top priority. Throughout the new website, you'll find plenty of ways to interact with the Graph team, which helps us to evolve the service to meet your needs. Reach out via our Helpdesk or, better yet, mark your calendar for our monthly Community Call! Each call gives participants the opportunity to engage in an open discussion to pose their questions, share feedback, and more. Our next Community Call will be held on 20 March, if you’d like to join, don’t be shy! You can register here. And, if you’ve missed out on a past Call, you can visit the Community Call page where you’ll find recordings, notes, and presentation slides.

To encourage even more community interaction, we've also launched a User Forum. Here, everyone is invited to join the conversation: ask questions, share tips and experiences, give feedback... The floor is yours!

User forum

These are only some of the revamped OpenAIRE Graph site features. We encourage everyone to explore the portal for themselves and to take the opportunities to engage with the Graph team and community. Everything contributes towards shaping the Graph to better meet your needs, which also contributes towards advancing Open Science globally. As a community-driven effort, we look forward to where you will take us!

P.S. We've also recently launched an OpenAIRE Graph Twitter page! Follow us to stay updated in real-time on Graph developments and be the first to know about all the projects and events shaping the Graph's future. See you there!