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Citizen Science in Education: Students as researchers who analyze, study, present and publish data

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Citizen Science in Education: Students as researchers who analyze, study, present and publish data

Date(s): 16 December 2019

The National Open Access Desks for Greece and Cyprus are organising a webinar on Citizen Science in Education. This webinar will be the last of the second series of these collaborative OpenAIRE webinars.

OpenAIRE Webinar “Citizen Science in Education: Students as researchers who analyze, study, present and publish data”

When: Monday 16 December 2019

Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm

Language of the presentation: Greek

The OpenAIRE team is happy to welcome as guest speaker to provide information on Citizen Science in Education, Evgenia Kypriotis, a member of the Research and Development Department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi.

During this webinar, Evgenia will talk about the main categories of citizen science projects in education, highlight good practices and inform about the OpenAIRE Citizen Science activity of the Open Schools Journal for Open Science

For years, it was thought that the link between schools and society conceals the essence of learning. In the 21st century, new and exciting opportunities of new technologies, social networking platforms, smartphones, online communities and the Internet of Things, all provide potentials for proceeding with an actual connection between society and education. Citizen science in education exploits the capabilities of today's society aiming at breaking the boundaries of traditional practices. In addition, students involvement in citizen science programs encourages effective STEAM teaching.


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  • Evgenia Kypriotis holds a degree in History and Philosophy from the University of Athens and completed her postgraduate studies in Communication Science at Imperial College London. She worked in the field of NGO’s, holding the position of Project Manager and later as an external partner in the Ministry of Education for the team of the Secretary General. In the following years, Evgenia worked as a Special Assistant to the Prime Minister at the Innovation and Good Practice Unit, responsible for issues related to the integration of technology and new media into the Greek educational system. Her main field of interest was the exploration of global educational good practices and their adaptation to the Greek curriculum. She has been working with the Department of Research and Development of the Ellinogermaniki Agogi since November 2012, focusing on large-scale projects and on capacity building of academics in science.
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