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    • There are 8 universities, 8 University Colleges and a number of other public and private research institutions in Denmark. The public research is organised under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

      The Ministry of Higher Education and Science manages and monitors the Danish Open Access strategy.

      Denmark holds a National strategy for Open Access. The strategy states that the implementation of Open Access is to take place through the green model – i.e. parallel filling of quality-assured research articles in institutional or subject-specific archives (repositories) with Open Access. However, the strategy does not exclude the use of the golden model as long as it does not increase the expenses for publication.

      Two central principles form the basis for the strategy:

      • The implementation of the Open Access is to support the possibility for Danish researchers to continue to publish in the most recognised national and international journals, and also the possibility to publish.
      • For the sake of research and society, it is stressed that it is crucial that the aggregate public expenditure to research publication is not increased significantly because of the implementation of Open Access.

      The goal is 100% Open Access to publicly funded research publications by 2025.

      Support and landscape

      • All the universities have local research support units, who in various degrees support researchers with their award applications and reporting.

      National initiatives

      • The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is responsible for the national Open Access Strategy. DeiC – Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation is a cooperation between the Danish Universities. Their mission is to support research e-infrastructure. DeiC works within collection, processing and use of scientific information in data form.
    • The Danish Open Access goals are monitored through the Open Access Indicator. The yearly statistics can be found here.

      OpenAIRE statistics

      208769 OA publications in 36 repositories
    • National policy

      Denmark has not implemented a national Open Access/Open Science policy yet. However, national strategies for Open Access and Research Data Management were released in 2015.

      Institutional policy

      Denmark has 8 major Institutions which are listed here:

      Funder policy

    • Key networks and aggregators

      • One central national aggregator collects publication data from Danish universities primarily: Danish National Research Database.

        The Ministry of Higher Education and Science maintaines an Open Access Indicator that monitors the Open Access progress in Denmark. It can be found here: Danish Open Access Indicator

      Data repositories

      National publishing initiatives

      We are not aware of any national publishing initiatives.

      National agreements with publishers

      Danish universities make agreements with publishers bilaterally, there are no national consortia agreements to publishing.

      OA books

      Some Danish universities are supporting Knowledge Unlatched, but no national consortia agreement is in place.

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