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    • In Estonia, Open Access has been on the radar since 2009. University of Tartu Library was one of the early adopters hosting Open Access Weeks since 2010 and organizing various events to initiate debates on Open Access and Open Research Data. Estonian Research Council coordinates Open Science policy in the country by organising various events in cooperation with other institutions (including the University of Tartu Library, OpenAIRE NOAD in Estonia). There is no official Open Access or Open Science policy in Estonia (nor in any higher educational institution).

      Support and landscape

      National initiatives

      • In 2015, Estonian Research Council established an expert committee on open science who complied principles and recommendations for development of national open science policy. These recommendations were published in June 2016.

        In 2015, University of Tartu joined DataCite and can now assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). In Spring 2015, four major universities in Estonia signed DataCite Estonia consortium agreement in order to make research data publicly available.


      OpenAIRE statistics

      40371 OA publications in 20 repositories
    • National policy

      Estonia has not implemented a national Open Access/Open Science policy yet. However, in 2015, Open Science Expert Group was initiated by the Estonian Research Council to support drafting a national Open Science policy by complying principles and recommendations for the development of national open science policy. These recommendations were published in June 2016. This document is recommendations of the expert committee and should not be considered national policy on Open Science but rather a set of recommendations for developing future national OS policy.

      The Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) is developing into the Estonian research information database, including the central repository of research publications. Starting from 2013, the competition-based funding instruments (institutional and personal research funding) include a requirement for open access: “The publications that result from the implementation of the research theme shall be freely available to the public in ETIS, unless set forth otherwise in the conditions for publication, and for the protection of copyright or intellectual property rights.”

      Institutional policy

      Estonia has not implemented an Institutional policy yet.

      Funder policy

    • Key networks and aggregators

      Data repositories

      National repositories in Re3Data

      Estonia has no centrally funded nor managed data repository. Various subject groups have developed their own data repositories.

      1. Estonian Repositories in Re3Data 
      2. UNITE, Unified system for the DNA based funal species linked to the classification. 
      3. ESTA (Eesti Sotsiaalteaduslik Andmearhiiv)
      4. Estonian Biocentre Public Data 
      5. Center of Estonian Language Resources
      6. University of Tartu Open Data Repository DataDOI - non-subject specific data repository.

      National publishing initiatives

      Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists 15 Open Access journals published in Estonia. University of Tartu Library maintains Estonian Open Journal System.

      National agreements with publishers

      Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists 15 Open Access journals published in Estonia. University of Tartu Library maintains Estonian Open Journal System.

      OA books

      National licences for research publications (including Open Access) with major research publishers are maintained through Non-profit Organisation Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network; however, Estonia has no Open Access publishing agreements with any publisher currently which would allow Estonian researchers publish their research in Open Access journals with discount prices. Open Access publishing is funded by researchers themselves through research grants. Estonian government nor universities do not provide special funding for Open Access publishing.

    • Currently, a course called “Research Data Management and Publishing” for PhD Students is being developed in the University of Tartu.

      • OpenAIRE materials developed by the country (eg. guidelines, webinars.)

      OpenAIRE2020 Factsheet for Researchers (in Estonian)
      Open Data Management and Horizon 2020 Factsheet (in Estonian)
      OA Data Pilot Factsheet (in Estonian)
      FP7 Pilot Project Factsheet (in Estonian)

      • National OA pages and resources

      The University of Tartu Library’s Open Access Gate provides information about open access (OA) and the largest OA repositories and journals. For more, please click here
    • Funding Agencies

      Funding programmes 2014-2020.

      The European Union’s instruments for funding research and development activities are mainly covered by framework programmes. The eight framework programme from 2014 onwards is Horizon 2020.

      International cooperation is one of the principles of the creation of a common European Research Area in order to promote cross-border cooperation, the free movement of researchers as well as the free access to research data and published articles.

      Estonia has one major funding agency:

      Integrated in OpenAIRE

      Estonia has no funding agency integrated in OpenAIRE yet.

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