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    • University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Riga Stradins University, National Library of Latvia and the Association of Latvian Academic Libraries (LATABA) actively support Open Access and Open Science. The interest in the topic is growing in other scientific institutions and at the research policy level.
      Overall, there are less positive aspects of rooting progress of  Open Science in Latvia in comparison with other European countries. The main reasons are lack of funding for publishing scientific articles and data in open access; lack of a national open access policy and strategy; lack of knowledge of copyright issues; slow adoption and implementation of open science principles in the day-to-day and research practice; non-inclusion of open access activities in the scientific achievement assessment methodology.

      Support and landscape

      • The University of Latvia has started to promote and support the OA movement in Latvia after taking part in the OpenAIRE project.
        From 2009 to 2014 the OA team from the Library of the University of Latvia participated in the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme; OpenAIRE project (OA Infrastructure for Research in Europe) and OpenAIREplus (2nd Generation of OA Infrastructure for Research in Europe: 2012-2014). In 2015 it was continued with the OpenAIRE2020 (OA Infrastructure for Research in Europe 2020)), PASTEUR4OA (OA Policy Alignment Strategies for European Union Research) and FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research).
        The participation of the University of Latvia in these projects has resulted with establishment of the National Open Access Desk – Latvia which serves as the main information point for support on OA and broader Open Science in Latvia. During the participation in the projects several important steps were taken for the development of the OA movement in Latvia. Three institutional repositories have been set up and researchers in Latvia were kept regularly informed about OA benefits, possibilities and activities. The University of Latvia annually celebrates international OA Week by organizing discussions, meetings, presentations, workshops on various OA initiatives and by spreading promotional materials to other academic institutions. The NOAD-Latvia regularly provides consultations and seminars on the OA and Open Science for the higher education and research institutions in all regions of Latvia.
        In 2019 the successful collaboration has been started with the Horizon2020 – Latvia National Contact Point which functions under the State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia. The collaboration has resulted in different joint seminars for the Latvia research community members with building awareness of the open initiatives in Europe, as well as European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

        On September 1, 2019, the EOSC Nordic project was launched to promote the implementation of the EOSC in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Latvia is represented in the project by Riga Technical University (more here).

        In late 2019 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia initiated the Open Science Latvia landscape research, it is done by the National Library of Latvia and Riga Technical University in collaboration with Riga Stradins University. It is planned to conduct a landscape analysis of open access and open science in Latvia, focus group research, and interviews on open science with research managers and policy makers, researchers and librarians. The outcome of the research would be publicly available later in 2020.

      National initiatives


      OpenAIRE statistics

      47734 OA publications in 9 repositories
    • National policy

      Latvia has not implemented a national Open Access/Open Science policy yet. However, the Ministry of Education and Science released the "Latvian European Research Area Roadmap 2016-2020", listing the promotion of Open Access as one of the priorities.
      The research policy makers, administrators and the research communities have not yet reached a full level of awareness of OA and its benefits for researchers, institutions and for society in general; however, several actions and initiatives to implement principles of OA policies are taking place in Latvia. The increasing interest about the Open Access and Research Data Management issues is demonstrated by the scientific research community of Latvia.
      In late 2019 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia initiated the Open Science Latvia landscape research with one of the main aims to create a roadmap of the Open Science policy.

      Institutional policy

      OA policies are at an early stage in Latvia; In 2017 two universities, the University of Latvia and Riga Technical University adopted institutional policies. In both policies, it is recommended (not mandatory) that researchers provide OA to their publications and other research outputs.

      Latvia has two institutional policies:

      There is adopted Policy of the E-resource Repository of the University of Latvia.

      Funder policy

      Latvia has no implemented funder Open Science policy yet.

    • Key networks and aggregators

      Data repositories

      The discussion among the scientific institutions of Latvia is going on about setting up the network of national research data repositories.

      Latvian Sociological Association (LSA) has developed the plan for establishing a national data service for the social sciences in Latvia by engaging in the CESSDA ERIC project CESSDA SaW. More information here.

      The Riga Technical University repository collects and stores the scientific research data and other relevant information in all fields of knowledge of RTU, the repository is registered in

      National publishing initiatives

      The awareness of OA is mainly within three universities: University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Riga Stradins University and the academic library community focus on the OA.

      National agreements with publishers

      Latvia has no agreements with publishers.

      OA books

      No information available.

    • NOAD-Latvia

      NOAD-Latvia is a support point in Latvia for the research community to be aware of OA and its benefits. NOAD-Latvia organizes activities and also gives consultations on topics related to OA, open science, OA policy, etc. As the University of Latvia is one of the first higher education institutions and scientific research institution in Latvia that has made its repository OA, the university provides all interested parties with consultations and information.

      In 2019 the close collaboration is grown between NOAD-Latvia and State Education Development Agency (SEDA) and National Contact Points for Horizon 2020 in Latvia in giving strong support for the post-PhD students and new scientists on writing project proposals in Horizon 2020 program. The representative of NOAD-Latvia is joining the meetings of SEDA for scientists and post-PhD students with giving various presentations on Open Access and Open Science issues and Horizon 2020 Mandates. 


      An important step to contribute to the OA and Open Science movements in Latvian society was the creation of National Open Access Desk web page, which is the central point for dissemination of information on OA, including news & events in Latvian.

      Open e-Course

      The E-course “Open Science/Atvērtā zinātne” has been created so that there could be a full understanding of the term "Open Science" as well as to promote it`s recognition amongst the members of the Latvian society of science. The principles of open science are gaining a stronger role in science`s development in the world. The course materials cover open science and its importance in research, OA, open data, open science policies, the management tools of OA information, repositories. It is possible to access the materials in various formats: presentations, videos, websites, written posts, statements and guidelines.


      The course has been created thanks to the cooperation of the University of Latvia, the National Library of Latvia and Riga Technical University, in the project "Open Science - the 21st century`s benefits for researchers". The e-course contains materials from the FOSTER e-learning platform.

      Main previous activities

      In 2012 the Library of the University of Latvia organized a special week that promoted the repository of e-resources of the University to the academic staff of the university and all higher education institutions in Latvia.

      In 2013 the Scientific Council of the University of Latvia held a session and a discussion "Copyright issues in Open Access: a burden or an opportunity?" which also took place in the Scientific café. A video devoted to the 5-year anniversary of OA in Latvia, and electronic booklets in which the main questions about copyright issues in OA where answered was produced.

      In 2015 the main event was the conference "Open Science - the 21th-century benefits for researchers" which was held during the international OA week. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness about Open Science, its challenges and benefits and the recommendations of the European Commission in relation to research data management and digitalization, and sharing of experience. The event was co-funded by the European Commission’s research and innovation program (FP7) project FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research).

      In 2016 the national workshop "Research Data Management and Open Science: Challenges and Opportunities for Latvia" was held, which was given by Iryna Kuchma, EIFL-OA Programme Manager.


      In 2017 the national workshop “Open Research Data and Data Management” was held at the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia. Dr. Marjan Grootveld and Elly Dijk from Data Archiving and Networked Services – DANS were presented topics about OA and Research Data Management, FAIR principles, storing and preserving data.

      In 2018 May the workshop “Open license Creative Commons for open science, business and society” was held, which was given by Gwen Franck, EIFL-OA Programme Coordinator.


      During “International Open Access Week 2018” the workshop “Open Science for Successful Research Grants” was held at the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia. Research coordinator Ivo Grigorov at the National Institute of Aquatic Resources at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU AQUA) presented topics about the good practice of winning research project competitions, incorporating the principles of open science in the project application, as well as addressing research data management issues. 

      In November 2019 there was a national workshop organized “Research infrastructures and services: Open Science Practice” with invited speakers  Milica Ševkušić  (Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA, Serbia); Lauris Cikovskis (Head of Riga Technical University (RTU) High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre, Latvia);  Alessia Bardi  (Networked Multimedia Information Systems (NeMIS) lab, Institute of Information Science and Technologies at the Italian National Research Council (ISTI-CNR), Italy);  Ivo Wijnbergen  (EMEA Engagement ORCID, Netherlands) (more information (in Latvian) and presentations here), as well later in November invited speaker Tim Smith from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) gave a speech during “Research infrastructure – Zenodo: international, multidisciplinary, free” seminar (more information (in Latvian) here

      Many presentations and video recordings from previous events are available at the activities website.

    • Funding Agencies

      Latvia has 1 funding agency which is listed here:

      Integrated in OpenAIRE

      Latvia has no funding agency integrated in OpenAIRE yet.

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