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    • Norway has a national current research information system (CRIS), Cristin. Most publicly funded research institutions in Norway (e.g universities, university colleges, research institutes, etc.) are a part of Cristin, which is run by Unit. Unit is also the national Open Access coordinator and hosts the national repository aggregator NORA.

      Support and landscape

      • Norway has adopted national guidelines for Open Access and the Norwegian Research Council has established policies for Open Data.

      National initiatives

      • In 2017 a selection of key Norwegian language journals in social sciences and humanities was flipped to Open Access. A consortium has been established to select and provide funding for journals on a three year basis.



      OpenAIRE statistics

      263849 OA publications in 135 repositories
    • National policy

      In 2017 the Norwegian government publicly announced national goals and guidelines for Open Access to research publications.
      The goal is that all publicly funded research should be made openly available by 2024. To achieve this the Norwegian government has established specific guidelines and measures. For more, please click here

      Institutional policy

      All Norwegian universities, and most research performing university colleges, have Open Access policies in place. In general, policies are focused on self-archiving and depositing publications in institutional repositories. For more, please click here.

      Funder policy

      The main research funder in Norway, The Norwegian Research Council (NRC), established an Open Access policy in 2009, which was updated in 2015. It states that scientific publications based on projects funded by NRC are to be made openly accessible in a repository with an embargo of no more than 6 or 12 months for STM and SSH respectively. In order to stimulate Open Access publishing NRC will cover up to 50% of the costs for institutional APC funds, in a program called STIM-OA. For more, please click here.


    • Key networks and aggregators

      Data repositories

      National publishing initiatives


      National agreements with publishers


      OA books

      No information available.

    • There are 65 institutional repositories in Norway, these are harvested by the national aggregator NORA.
    • Funding Agencies

      Norway has 2 major funding agencies which are listed here:

      Integrated in OpenAIRE

      Norway has no major funding agency integrated in OpenAIRE yet.

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