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Open research data and data management for Horizon 2020 projects

OpenAIRE Public webinar on the "Open Research Data Pilot in H2020"

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Open research data and data management for Horizon 2020 projects

Date(s): 15 June 2016

This OpenAIRE Webinar provides an introduction to Research Data Management and is aimed at researcher involved in the EC's Open Research Data Pilot. Managing research data is becoming increasingly important. How can you manage your data and how can you benefit from managing your data effectively? In this webinar te basic concepts of research data management (RDM) are presented as well as tools to help writing a Data Management Plan (DMP).

Learning objectives: At the end of the session participants are be able to:

- Understand the basic principles and importance of RDM
- Set clear goals regarding data curation, preservation and sharing
- Comply with the requirements of the Research Data Pilot
- Draft a Data Management Plan
- Identify RDM resources and tools
Target audience: Introductory training for researchers, project coordinators and research administrators

data management plan | FAIR data | OA to research data | open science

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