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OpenAIRE Funder Monitoring Dashboard

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OpenAIRE Funder Monitoring Dashboard

Date(s): 22 October 2018

OpenAIRE has created Open Science monitoring and implementation services for the European Commission and European Research Council in the FP7 and Horizon2020 funding streams. OpenAIRE produces a 360-degree picture of the impact of research funding, whether at the level of programme funding stream or even individual projects. So, now, in real-time, funders can monitor their investment making an impact through the OpenAIRE Funder Monitoring Dashboard which provides funders with tools for a transparent view and assessment of their investments.


Funder Monitoring Dashboard: https://monitor.openaire.eu/

Use case - FWF Austrian funder: https://monitor.openaire.eu/fwf-stats...

OpenAIRE Funder Factsheet: https://www.openaire.eu/factsheet-fun...

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  • Angelica Vos (Athena Research Centre)
  • Contact:
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