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OpenAIRE Guidelines V4: OpenAIRE content providers managers Community Call

OpenAIRE infrastructure updates, Guidelines V4: specifications, implementation roadmap and use case

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Date(s): 05 November 2019

OpenAIRE infrastructure updates include the following:

  • Provide Public Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/JHbHKLZ4/openaire-provide-roadmap;
  • Guidelines V4 rules have been integrated in the validator tool - check them out in the validator tool available in provide dashboard https://provide.openaire.eu; and
  • Provide Dashboard User interface improvements: in collection monitor the indexed version of the repository content is now explicitly presented; and there is My datasource in a glance - a new box on the homepage to present the main figures.  
OpenAIRE Guidelines V4: specifications, novelties, implementation roadmap and use cases from RCAAP (Portugal), LAReferencia (Latin America) and University of Huelva repository (Spain).

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  • Pedro Principe and José Carvalho, University of Minho; Lautaro Matas and Paola A. Azrilevich (LA Referencia); and Emilio Lorenzo (Arvo Consultores).
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