National Open Access Desk

    • Since 2013 Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) serves as the National point of reference for the policy of "Open Access and preservation of scientific information"
    • In 2015 SCSTI became NOAD for Slovakia
    • In 2016 was established Contact Office for Open Access at SCSTI
    • In 2017 OGP Action Plan for years 2017-2019 was adopted
    • Since 2018 SCSTI started with Open Access courses

    Support and landscape

    • The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic is the main body supporting research and development funded from public resources. There are public, private and state operated universities, research organisations (e.g. Slovak Academy of Science - SAS), research institutes and private companies. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport realises the process of evaluation to perform R&D. The certificate for research organisation as result of evaluation process allows to use public resources for R&D.

      Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) is the national information centre and specialised scientific library of the Slovak Republic focused on natural, technical, economic and social sciences. The SCSTI provides several information systems supporting R&D on national level funded by the ministry, i.e. Central Registry of Publication Activities, Central Registry of Theses and Dissertations, Central Information Portal for Research, Development and Innovation and Slovak Current Research Information System (SK CRIS).

    National initiatives


    OpenAIRE statistics

    7865 OA publications in 42 repositories
  • National policy

    In Slovakia there are no national policies.

    Institutional policy

    In Slovakia there are no institutional policies.

    Funder policy

    In Slovakia there are no funders policies.
  • Key networks and aggregators

    • N/A.

    Data repositories

    There are 2 Open Access repositories in Slovakia. There is ongoing project on setting up national Open Access repository.

    National publishing initiatives

    There are 161 open access journals published in Slovakia.

    National agreements with publishers


    OA books


  • Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information is organising OA courses for researchers/librarians based on UNESCO curriculum. Course contain 5 topics: scholarly communication process, history and development of open access, rights and licenses, advocacy for open access and open access research impacts.Those who decide to attend exams will recieve certificate accredited from Ministry of Education and are able to further train people at their organisation.
  • Funding Agencies

    Slovak Research and Development Agency (SRDA) is the research and development grant agency in the Slovak Republic. It was established by the Act No.172/2005 in July 2005 and it is a successor of the previous agency functioning since 2001. SRDA is the instrument for distribution of public finances for research and development on the competitive basis in Slovakia. SRDA is responsible for research and development promotion in all research fields, including international research cooperation.

    Cultural and Educational Grant Agency (KEGA) is the internal grant system which is aimed at funding projects of applied research in the fields of education, teaching and creative and performing arts, which are initiated by investigators from public universities or the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. 

    Scientific Grant Agency (VEGA) is is a joint advisory body of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports and an auxiliary body of the presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) for projects selected for funding from institutional finance resources under two sub-chapters of the State Budget: the University-based science and technology, and the Slovak Academy of Science. The key activity of the VEGA is to support basic research in the SAS and universities in general and institutional finance in particular. The VEGA is an advisory body in field of implementation of S&T policies, financing basic research and evaluation of research projects.