BADGE9ANIKosson Initiative ( is a Romanian information science community based on voluntary contribution, serving as a dedicated channel for accessing services and news concerning knowledge and information management, library and information science, eGovernment and eLearning (information management field), and scholarly communication. Kosson is designed to grow knowledge wealth for the Romanian interested parties pushing forward the envelope of good practices, methods, standards, policies, and lobbying towards its final goal of becoming a clearing house for practices and use cases and a national focal point for alternative publishing models.

For reasons concerning national and international project participation, Kosson has adopted as Legal Representative Sarminfo S.R.L. having Constantinescu Nicolaie as its legal representative and administrator. Sarminfo serves as an aggregation engine and as an innovative platform for managing new types of interactions at the level of partnership and consensus building needed for project development. All Kosson members are active in different Universities, Governmental and Administrative services which constitutes a powerful feature for Kosson purpose of collecting and disseminating valuable information.

Kosson online community members dedicate their efforts to raising awareness regarding new models for scientific output dissemination. Our aim is to advocate and feed quality information into the higher educational system and to all parties involved in scholarly communication process. We put efforts in stimulating a debate around OA in Romania and offer instruments, methods and practices, and standards needed to push forward for a viable and sustainable solution for the future. The ultimate goal is to become a clearing house for advocating, dissemination and sharing good practices concerning OA and information management (setting the future web point in Romania and neighbouring countries. Since 2005, when members of our community took interest in OA we have been translating and disseminating many useful prime instruments like the cornerstone declarations (Berlin Declaration, IFLA Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Documentation). Our community got involved with organising "Open Access Day" putting together a press kit and disseminating on all major electronic Romanian channels in order to raise awareness. Core members of Kosson community signed the Petition for guaranteed public access to publicly-funded research results and many of the subsequent petitions. We’ve brought to the Romanian interested parties the outcomes of one of the most important European documents: Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication markets in Europe.

In order to get our members much closer to the insides of support platforms also used by OA we translated "The Skills, Role and Career Structure of Data Scientists and Curators: An Assessment of Current Practice and Future Needs" (2008), commissioned by JISC, into Romanian. This report is supposed to promote understanding of the future developments of the repositories designed to manage research output.

Kosson Community also translated OAI-PMH v. 1 standard into Romanian and also serves as a translator for the Open Archive Initiative Tutorial. In addition, Kosson contributed to the European Research Area – New Perspectives online consultation (2007) ( supporting alternative OA models. All in all, Kosson maintains a solid knowledge base regarding standards and practices concerning Open Access.

The Open Access has pitched the interest of Open Covernment Partnership and for this reason, Kosson members found a suplimentary way for making the case of Open Access to Romanian research including this in the National Agenda.

Contact person: Nicolaie Constantinescu [kosson @]

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