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universtiy_latvia_smThe Library of the University of Latvia is the main information and resource centre for studies and research at the University of Latvia.

OA promotion is one of the main objectives of the Library. The Library initiated the establishing of the first institutional repository in Latvia - the repository of e-resources of the University of Latvia; and participated in its development by making the structure of the repository and the policy of deposition. The Library is digitising theses and dissertations, defended at the University of Latvia, and is depositing them and publications of the staff of the Library in the repository.

The Library has organized workshops, discussions and other events to promote OA initiatives in Latvia recently, disseminated leaflets and posters to researchers and research managers in order to spread information about the OA.

Also the Library of the University of Latvia participated in EIFL-OA project “Information about Open Access movement and resources in the University of Latvia” in 2011.

Today the Library of the University of Latvia is the main information centre of OA in Latvia and is planning to collaborate with other institutions of higher education in Latvia in establishing and development of institutional repositories in Latvia.

Contact persons

  • Iveta Gudakovska
  • Sandra Ranka
  • Aija Putnina

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