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What linking is?

Linking is a functionality provided by OpenAIRE, in order to link research results with a project, a research community or other research results and make the new information available in OpenAIRE information space. Via linking, users can add research results in OpenAIRE not previously available in the OpenAIRE Information Space.

What types of research results can be linked?

There are two possible types for research results. Users can either link:

  • research results already available in OpenAIRE or
  • research results that are available in external content providers like Crossref, Datacite or ORCID.

When a new link is visible in OpenAIRE?

There are also two cases.

  • When the research result of the link is already available in OpenAIRE, links will be visible in the portal and the APIs after the next content provision workflow. The workflow runs every 2 to 4 weeks. More information about the workflow is available in the article Aggregation and content provision workflows.
  • When the research results  is available in Crossref, Datacite or ORCID the link is immediately available through the portal and the APIs.

Manage “My Links”

All users are able to manage their links in “My Links” page. When users finish linking results, they are able to view the list of links they created. They are also able to delete them.

When a link is deleted from OpenAIRE?

After a link deletion, it won’t appear in the user’s list of links but it will still be visible in OpenAIRE information space (i.e. search results and API) until the next content provision workflow.