Liz Bal

Director of open research services, Jisc

Liz is Director of Open Research Services at Jisc, a non-profit organization focused on providing digital services and solutions for research and education.In her role at Jisc, Liz is responsible for the strategic development and delivery of a diverse range of services relating to policy implementation, monitoring and underpinning infrastructure for open research. Though UK-based, many of the services in the portfolio support the global research community, from Sherpa, which enables policy compliance, to OpenDOAR, which is helping to aid repositories in building high standards and broadening their impact worldwide. A biologist by education, Liz has over 10 years of experience in open research publishing and scholarly communication. Prior to joining Jisc, she held various publishing roles at BioMed Central and Springer Nature.

OpenAIRE has played a crucial role in supporting open research across Europe and is uniquely placed to facilitate collaboration, alignment and innovation among stakeholders. As the scholarly ecosystem and policy landscape continue to evolve at pace around the world, OpenAIRE’s mission means that we can help to drive open research forward so that it becomes fully embedded in researcher workflows.

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