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Office team

Maja Dolinar

User Engagement & EOSC Liaison

Maja specializes in community engagement within the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) ecosystem. With a focus on fostering collaboration and advancing OpenAIRE's mission, she leads user engagement initiatives, represents OpenAIRE in EOSC fora, co-leads the OpenAIRE Working Group on EOSC, and liaises with international organizations to build strategic partnerships. As a passionate advocate for Open Science, Maja possesses extensive expertise in the curation, management, and preservation of research data, particularly in the social sciences and humanities, with a particular focus on the European research data landscape. Her deep passion lies in fostering collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing across the European research landscape.

EOSC: Uniting European research outputs, fostering innovation without borders. Let's embrace openness and global collaboration for a future fueled by diverse perspectives.