interoperability alignmentThe Mexican government’s science and technology agency, CONACYT, has recently published a set of technical requirements for all Mexican repositories ("Technical Guidelines for the National Repository and Institutional Repositories"). These guidelines make clear the steps Mexico must take to ensure the preservation of its peer-reviewed research output, as well as its primary data. As part of its consideration of international standards and best practices, the report announces the adoption of the OpenAIRE guidelines for Mexican literature and data repositories (OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repositories V 3.0 and OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archives 2.0).

OpenAIRE is proud of its continuing efforts, in collaboration with COAR, to align repository infrastructures internationally. This announcement is another major step forward in OpenAIRE’s aim to bring interoperability to the world’s repository infrastructure. If all repositories expose their metadata in a uniform way, including the enriched information required by the OpenAIRE guidelines, this will significantly aid the interoperability of the contents of repositories, this will enable greater discovery and re-usability, as well as the enhanced monitoring of research impact on a global level.

This continues Mexico’s recent push towards greater Open Access. In May 2014, it was the third Latin American country to establish a law on Open Access that aims to ensure that all its citizens have free access to the products of its publicly-funded research.

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