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Executive Board

Michal Růžička

Head of the department of Data Security and Management, Computer Science, Masaryk University
EB member, liaison for Standing Committee Open Science Strategy

Michal is a research associate in the Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. He is the head of the department of Data Security and Management at the institute. He obtained a master’s degree in information technology security and is a graduate of doctoral studies in informatics, focusing on advanced search methods in specialized digital repositories. He has worked on many international and national projects – in digital repositories, e.g. on the projects of the European Digital Mathematical Library (EuDML), the Czech Digital Mathematical Library (DML-CZ), various digital libraries of MUNI. In cooperation with industrial partners (TAČR project), he worked on the ScaleText project (advanced search in heterogeneous types of [text] data using machine learning methods). He is currently mainly involved in projects in the field of data management, protection, and access (Open Science): the development of a system for long-term preservation of digital data (LTP) in the ARCLib project, responsibility for Open/FAIR data activities in HR4MUNI II project on acceleration and advancement of Open Science at MUNI; is the leader of the Czech National Open Access Desk within OpenAIRE AMKE (and member of OpenAIRE AMKE Executive Board since 2021). He helps accelerate national-wide activities in research data management in the Czech Republic as a founding and leading member of the group and a member of the ‘data working group’ of the Czech Research, Development and Innovation Council (‘the R & D Council’). He is also a member of the EOSC PID Policy and Implementation Task Force and (co)author of dozens of publications in data management and digital libraries.

OpenAIRE has a long tradition, a strong network of services, training and information materials, and experts and collaborators across Europe. Europe is being steered by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It is a massive project that will determine the direction of Open Science in Europe in the years to come. OpenAIRE is in a perfect position to exploit its rich heritage to support the EOSC mission.