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Working Group

Monitor OS Policies WG


The Monitor Open Science Policies (MOSP) WG is overseen by the Open Science Strategy Standing Committee. Its goal is to identify monitoring efforts (indicators, technologies, data) taking place at institutional or national settings in Europe, to align and exchange practices, and link to the OpenAIRE Open Science Observatory.


Jens Aasheim
Laura Valeria Eve Bonora
Niamh Brennan
Antónia Correia
Andreas Czerniak
André Dazy
Yvonne Desmond
Laurence El Khouri
Johan Fröberg
Ioanna Grypari
Gultekin Gurdal
Emilie Hermans
André Hoffmann
Nina Karlstrom
Mojca Kotar
Vasiliki Koukounidou
Iryna Kuchma
Amela Kurta
Ursula lrych
Paolo Manghi
Gerda Mcneill
Meir Simcha
Myriam Mertens
Androniki Pavlidou
Gina Pavone
Leonidas Pispiringas
Andreea Popa
Eloy Rodrigues
Silvia Sofianos
Ádám Száldobágyi
Inge Van Nieuwerburgh

Eloy Rodrigues